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What’s all the hype?

mommy&me coverIf you been around for awhile (or even briefly) then you know that Essential Oils have become a large part of our life. They touch pretty much every aspect of our lives. We are slowly transitioning to a chemical free home. As chemical free as possible anyways. It’s a HUGE task. I’m taking baby steps so as not to totally overwhelm George 😉 The first step I took was downloading the app THINK DIRTY. I immediately began scanning everything in sight and was DISGUSTED to find out how HORRIBLE for us so much of what we were putting on our bodies (and therefore IN because our skin is our largest organ!) I’m talking cancer-causing carcinogens in our BABY wash. Just HORRIBLE! I’ve been able to slowly switch out virtually everything we are using with HEALTHY non-scary alternatives with Young Living oils and products (did you know they carry more than just oils??) I don’t always feel like I have control of much but being able to take charge of my family’s well being has been invaluable. If one of my kids or George was sick there is no amount I wouldn’t pay to make them well. Instead, I’m cutting it off ahead of time and KEEPING us WELL. Do we still get sick? Sure. The kids go to school, we can’t sanitize every surface, kids are kids. But the intensity and duration of said illnesses is drastically lower then it ever has been or is for those who are getting sick around us. The goal is to keep us ABOVE the wellness line. Stay well people! This Thursday over on FB I’m hosting a mommy and me Young Living style class at 9pm EST. Needing a change? Maybe this is it!:)Message me if you’d like an invite! Hope to see you all there <3

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