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mommy&me coverIf you been around for awhile (or even briefly) then you know that Essential Oils have become a large part of our life. They touch pretty much every aspect of our lives. We are slowly transitioning to a chemical free home. As chemical free as possible anyways. It’s a HUGE task. I’m taking baby steps so as not to totally overwhelm George 😉 The first step I took was downloading the app THINK DIRTY. I immediately began scanning everything in sight and was DISGUSTED to find out how HORRIBLE for us so much of what we were putting on our bodies (and therefore IN because our skin is our largest organ!) I’m talking cancer-causing carcinogens in our BABY wash. Just HORRIBLE! I’ve been able to slowly switch out virtually everything we are using with HEALTHY non-scary alternatives with Young Living oils and products (did you know they carry more than just oils??) I don’t always feel like I have control of much but being able to take charge of my family’s well being has been invaluable. If one of my kids or George was sick there is no amount I wouldn’t pay to make them well. Instead, I’m cutting it off ahead of time and KEEPING us WELL. Do we still get sick? Sure. The kids go to school, we can’t sanitize every surface, kids are kids. But the intensity and duration of said illnesses is drastically lower then it ever has been or is for those who are getting sick around us. The goal is to keep us ABOVE the wellness line. Stay well people! This Thursday over on FB I’m hosting a mommy and me Young Living style class at 9pm EST. Needing a change? Maybe this is it!:)Message me if you’d like an invite! Hope to see you all there <3

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Ella Lu has always been one of my babies. I’ve watched it grow and have loved every minute of this amazing adventure you have all been on with me. As much as I love Ella Lu I feel like I have missed out on so much (EVEN being able to “work from home”) because the building of a business is no easy feat. I’m never off. I always feel obligated to answer emails, texts, voicemails….whenever they came through. I haven’t always been the best at balancing work and family life. I’ve never been good at saying NO. I said yes more times then I should have and those that are closest to me paid the price. Time is invaluable and unfortunately we just don’t have enough minutes in the day. My girls are 5 and 7 and growing at a rate that literally makes my heart ACHE. There are so many days I wish I could rewind. So many weekends I wish I had back. I cannot. None of us can. All I can do is be the best, most present mama I can be for them from here on out. We have a homeschooling adventure in our near future and I am excited at that prospect and what it will mean for our family. More service days together, more traveling together, more TIME. I will not be giving up photography. I will be taking on ONE client session per month starting in January 2018. My Ella Lu page will still be used to keep up with what little bit I do shoot (and LOTS of my girls.) For the remainder of this year I will be taking on 3 sessions per month. First come first serve. Once those slots are gone that month will be closed (that includes September-December.) I hope to see most of my families this year!:)

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Hey guys!! Can’t believe it’s already that time of year! These will be the BIGGEST discounts I post all year so swoop them up while you can!

***Please read the “fine print” below BEFORE booking:)


To book: click on the SESSION DETAILS tab above, scroll down to the bottom of the page for the drop down menu, select the Black Friday Special, and checkout! Your retainer/ spot will be saved!

There are only FIVE of each session type available. Once they are claimed/paid for they are gone! Don’t delay! 😉 $100 retainer is due to lock in these rates. Balance must be paid no later than 2 weeks before the agreed session date. You do not need a session date to book, however, dates are on a first come first served basis. These sessions are for your immediate family only. Additional family members may be added for $25 per person. Sessions will take place in the Lake Nona/Vista Lakes area. These sessions must be used between 1/1/17-9/1/17. Any sessions not completed in this time frame will forfeit monies paid.

**I will also be giving away a FREE mini session for next year! For a chance to win you just have to share the FB post with the link to this post! If you win and have already purchased a mini session I will refund you!:)Winner will be announced sometime this weekend!

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