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                                Hi there I’m Kristin! That’s me down there cheesin’ for my babies. They currently want to “be a puh-tography like mommy and pose little babies.” We will see how long that lasts but for now it makes my mommy and photographer heart go pitter-patter

A little about me. First and foremost I am a wife to an incredibly supportive and loving husband and a mother to two over-photographed and wildly beautiful little girls. I’m a coffee addict, emoji over-user, lover of baked goods (seriously, bake me something and we are friends for life), chaser of light, and a big fan of netflix binging (when I find the time!)

I’ve always been drawn to the arts but never found my niche. I was, however, the girl in high school ALWAYS taking pictures and had umpteen bulletin boards on my bedroom walls loaded with shots of my friends and family (that should have been my first clue, I suppose.) My grandfather gave me my first film camera in HS and I fell in love. Still, to me the thought of being a photographer as my “career” choice was like a 5 year old saying they wanted to be a princess or an astronaut. It just seemed so far from a reality that I never took it seriously. Fast forward to marriage and mommy-hood. I really have my husband, George, to thank for my current path. For our first anniversary he bought me my first DSLR and has pushed me (despite my kicking and screaming at times) ever since. Once my oldest daughter Ella was born my passion gave way to a true business path on this photography journey of mine. I shot her CONSTANTLY. Really I shot whomever would let me! Countless hours of studying, hands on learning, workshops, reading….and here we are.:)

                                                                 enjoy the little things_PullQuote
THAT is what I want to capture for you. The right now. I promise there will always be those perfectly posed, everyone looking at the camera and smiling shots. HOWEVER, what moves me (and I hope you too) are the moments in between. Real life. Snuggles, chubby fingers, giggles, tears, drool filled lovies, all of it. Everything that makes this moment in time special and remarkable in it’s own right.